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Through his sermons he solved numerous family conflicts, so he was taken campeón intercessor of couples issues, and from there, he is considered Patron of marriages and courtships. During the Spaniard domination the region was a producer of weavings from domestic looms, dyed by indigo plant which resulted in a characteristic blue color.

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In the Juegos Florales [Floral Games] were created, a literary competition born within Modernism, celebrated for the first time in In the other chapel is the Virgin of Sorrows of the Cerro; the church farther in the distance is Parroquia Vieja. However, the latter became a piece of fabric wore over the trousers which can be seen in male outfits, being a millenary inheritance of mam tradition. Eso es Zadik, complejidad extraída de la sencillez cotidiana. Although historically the tradition has had its ups and downs, renewed interest and influx of devotees has been seen during the last years, counted in hundreds throughout the procession.

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There are white, red, pink, sour, and sweet-and-sour. Human beings have searched for and honored their origin from time immemorial. People began leaving. Chabe directed the prayer, and even though the anticipation distracted her, she devoutly complied with her duty. This city where she was born during the conservative era of President Rafael Carrera, more or less in the Year of the Lordor at least this was what the couple who found her in the Saint Sebastian neighborhood thought. The kite makers troop start working full blast on the assembling and raising the competing kites. We know that in 17th century England, one Sunday every year was dedicated to mothers; children went to mass, probably special food was prepared, and working mothers were allowed to be free for a family day. The 28 of January,the image was crowned by the Pope. Upon raising sheep, women worked on wool weaving.

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In accordance with ecclesiastical sources, there were three of them in the country: one in the Metropolitan Cathedral, another in La Parroquia in a wooden panel , and one more in San Francisco in a silver afiche. When the Holy Sacrament, placed within a monstrance called La Preciosa, was carried by the Archbishop, under an elegant canopy embroidered in gold thread and silver rods, exited through the main door, a downpour converted into a deluge of flowers fell from on high of the Cathedral. With time, the scapulary changed from being a piece of clothing to the insignia known today. In upon the conquest of Guatemala and the arrival of Christianity, the Dominican, Mercedarian, and Franciscan friars took care of evangelizing natives.

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