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Currently the screens are used for dry tailings discharge, classification of the coarse particle, such as consisting a closed classification circuilt with primary ball mill.

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The moving track of screen mesh is changing between the feeding end and the discharging end, gradually from andar motion to elliptic tracks ,with long and short axes of different length. With compact structure, it needs small space, low energy and minimum maintenance cost.? The vibration on the deck is jointly done by two systems: linear and electronic exciter. As a result, the material is made to have a big slide and being screened. Buscando hacer amistades, conocer personas agradables y posiblemente una relación asentado. The screen is vibrating as a linear movement in dewatering, the materials on the screen surface are thrown forward to the linear vibrating direction, the materials will fall to the next section after reach the end of first section, the water on the screen surface moves to the opposite direction of materials and pass through the surface, the materials will move out from the discharge end after dewatering.

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